Sunset at Bixby

Taken last night. What happened to stay at home orders? Social distancing? Also, both last night and the night before, every single turnout had people camped and campfires and backyard bbqs per friends who drove past them on both the north and south ends of Big Sur. No one wrote to let me know re the middle portion…use your imaginations.

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  1. What happened is that people have made the choice to not care, either because they don’t value themselves, or they don’t value their neighbors, or they don’t value science (heaven help those who value none of the above). It is up to those of us who DO care to hold fast, and to not give up hope on our fellow man/woman. Just because someone doesn’t share these values now, doesn’t mean they won’t one day value them. I hope that day is not too late for them or their loved ones.

  2. It’s the same here in Texas, Kate. Besides the upfront covid-deniers, there is also a large population stuck in “normalcy bias”/business as usual. I honestly think this virus is here to “thin the herd”. Our society has reached such a level of “entitled” that many cannot think beyond that. They will be thinned. Unfortunately, they will cause many others to also be thinned out. A sad thing.

  3. A vivid answer, sadly, to people who wonder why California, which has far stricter lockdown regulations than most other states, continues to have such a high number of cases. This is just breathtakingly stupid.

  4. Unbelievable. We were in Monterey yesterday for a doctor appointment and couldn’t believe how many tourists there were. Especially around the beach area of Pacific Grove.

  5. It’s just a paper “order”….no teeth. That’s all it takes for the entitled. Party on. New Years will be such a shit show.

  6. My good friend & neighbor is a full-time medical doctor (65 years of age/a lifetime of medical practice).

    He tells me that he gets face-to-face with multiple Covid19 patients every day (for a year) (he wears a mask and full coverage gear).
    He tells me that the Covid19 deaths are 60% people that have illnesses that they will die from anyway.
    He says that the Covid19 death rate is about the same as the number of people that die from the old fashion Flu.
    He believes that the Corona Virus problem is largely exaggerated by the news media.
    He is a very intelligent man; although he does vote ‘red’. (Makes you wonder).

    I just shake my head.
    I suspect that the number of people who think like the Doc are roughly equivalent to half the nations population.

  7. I live in Carmel, & travel to Capitola frequently. The crowd’s honestly, have been huge in both of these popular spots, & for months! What I hear many saying, is that it is the inequity of their govt leader’s allowing crowding everywhere (seemingly all store’s!), but in the small business’s that truly need the support to survive, much more than Walmart!

    I’m also an Astrologer, & what I will share, is that the Virus did not come to make us sick, it came to Wake Us (the Herd) Up! To the reality, that we all are in this life together, & that there is no seperation, much as our Ego-selve’s would have us see it differently. We will be made to discover this now (Covid is a part), with 2021 to 2024 being notable, that a country divided, is a country that falls. We will get there, even if going kicking & screaming!

    It is a fascinating watch now, as our polarized & broken 2-Party political system, begins to dissolve, going Purple!, as the State’s begin to move from Blue to Red, & vice versa. Those most embedded on any Side, will have the greatest challenge with this ‘Aquarian’ Paradigm shift, as there will be no turning back now! Another shift, is the greater number of minority voter’s, waking up to the decade’s-long pandering of them, & voting for candidate’s who will actually bring long-awaited improvements to their lives~ where we are ALL moving now, albeit slowly. Can we imagine, voting for a candidate who will do the best job for us, instead of voting Red or Blue, including moving away from the polarizing media, that wants to keep us stuck there! This is a big part of our work now, & moving forward, ‘building the bridge’ to a place, where we will begin to create much more cooperation, & Peace~~ Our Reward. 🌎

    Sorry to go on & on, & hope Ok to express.

  8. Just moved from Carmel after being there since 1969 to Nevada County CA, everyone hear is very dedicated to wearing masks and social distancing we have 2,548 cases and 50 deaths. I can’t believe all the people hanging out HWY 1, oh Winter Break very sad indeed!

  9. So arrest them for disregarding the mask order then tell them a bus is arriving to take them to quarantine for two weeks. No work no family just four walls for 10 plus days or until you test neg.

  10. Many of the comments are more optimistic than I feel . I look at Kate’s photo and believe the stories about what is going on in the world. Even allowing for inevitably wretched media disinformation/distortion, I know enough people to guarantee the skeptics that vast numbers of people are losing their homes, are hungry, desperate, suffering, sick and unable to afford or access medical care, and dying at home. These are not fake stories or fake people–this is happening. I agree with the comment about Covid providing the groundwork for a paradigm shift that could potentially allow for new more just systems and structures to emerge. All crises provide opportunities and the alignment of planetary archetypes supports this change. However, radical change is very slow and very hard. Movement from “potential” to “reality” takes enormous momentum and time. Kate’s photo is very sobering and depressing. I am with “Robin”: “Just. So. Hard. To. Accept.” Peace to you all.

  11. I take great strength and relief in all these voices which mirror my own.

    QUESTION: Anyone know what happened to the CHP who not that long ago were issuing citations for
    cars parked on Hwy 1? My understanding was that the regular patrolling and citing was successful–
    to the point where the only cars that were parked and ticketed were those of locals!
    Did law enforcement once again forfeit their responsibility in favor of their own ideologies?

  12. I just took a drive from my home in Cambria to San Simeon cove in the hopes of a walk. No chance. The parking lot at WRH State Beach was full, and all the turnouts between there and back to Cambria were loaded with motor homes and cars. What I also saw was license plate frames from mostly L.A. – great. I wonder how all these tourists who just can’t seem to follow orders designed to protect others and end this thing would have handled being POWs or in concentration camps. Is staying in their own home, or even region, all that hard?
    I echo the sentiments expressed above.

  13. I look at this photo and wonder if there’s a stronger abbreviation for W.T.F.

  14. All of these reports are stunning. Wishing there was more sanity. Have received e-ads from the valley yet haven’t heard how it goes. Glad now to hear the gates are locked and the weather may help. Peace, mountain dwellers.

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