This is why the forest is still closed from the Dolan Fire

There are many places where the redwood roots are still burning underground. It is still very, very dangerous. This was just taken yesterday in the area near Circle M/Big Creek by Rhea Withrow. San Carlos Rancho has reported the same thing, so imagine the rest of the back country. LPNF, Monterey District is closed for a reason, not to just make it inconvenient for hikers and campers.

8 thoughts on “This is why the forest is still closed from the Dolan Fire

  1. Kate, your point is valid that there is potential danger for people hiking in burn areas especially forested areas. However, the forestry closure order also prohibits the use of trails on the west side of the highway that lead to ocean access such as the broader jade cove area. This appears to be overreaching and unnecessary.

  2. I would need to check that, but Willow Creek and Mill Creek day use areas are open, and except for the few days an overzealous BLM cop was citing, it would appear, based on what I witnessed yesterday, that plenty of people are using the west side access trails, including Jade Cove. Also the Silver Peak trails, such as Cruikshank and Salmon were being heavily used yesterday.

  3. Fully support these closures. In addition to underground ongoing smolders, the earth is very unstable and there will still be a lot of trees coming down / slides.

  4. Thanks for posting this, Kate, many people don’t know about the burning roots- I was one of them.

  5. It’s important to note that this is solely a Monterey Ranger District closure, not a (Los Padres National) Forest closure, as the southern 4 Ranger Districts remain open. Traditionally, closures restricting access inside wildfire burn perimeters on the District persist until the following spring to allow the land to settle & winter storms to bring down deadfall & extinguish smokers like the one seen here. But it’s also important to note that most of our District did not burn & that blanket closures can have unintended consequences. For instance, the member(s) of the Drug Trafficking Organization likely responsible for igniting the Dolan Fire may well have set up shop during a blanket closure following the Soberanes Fire. With some obvious exceptions, “boots on the ground” are a good thing. Unless & until the Forest Service is properly funded for field staff, those boots are worn by civilian visitors.

  6. Unfortunately the hikers and campers seem to think otherwise! If only they were a tad more understanding and aware that the forest NEEDS time to rehabilitate!

  7. I don’t think anyone is complaining about the burn area being closed. The fact is that most of the Monterey Ranger District did NOT burn and there is no justification for its continued closure. Anyone making a case that the entire MRD should remained closed has ulterior motives. Period.

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