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  1. So much lost history, names,events and places people used to live, simply gone. Thanks for these recollections. Took me five years to find someone(the youngest trotter brother) to tell me why some folks call Boronda “Seperation”ridge. Many locals seemed to have no clue. Some not even knowing where Boronda or seperation ridge even is.

    But in the end I was told it was the two boys of Sam who called that Seperation ridge, as “it seperated the men from the boys”

    We need to get mike trotter and several of the old timers to sit down and record what they know. I’ve learned more about the old ways and times from 20 mins of listening to mike, then from the volumes of books and papers I have read.

    I’d give anything to sit for a afternoon with Old Al Clark or Blanco Diablo….
    I’m writing my own book about the Coast, if anyone has good HIStory to share, esp anything from late 1800s till the road opened, please share!

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