14 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 3/7/21

  1. I always enjoy watching Cal Trans progress, after the major slide’s along the treacherous stretch’s of 1. It is a true reflection indeed, of what we can achieve working together. It is truly miraculous, that man & woman can rectify such damage to our roadways.

  2. Ha, I really don’t mean to be contrarian, but I couldn’t help thinking that it is “truly miraculous” that mother nature can rectify such damage (that we do) to her handiwork.

  3. p.s. thank you for photos. They do, indeed, reflect remarkable effort.

  4. Yeah, Kate and Vicki–I appreciate the pix. I’m not sure, at this point, that I can go further than to label them more than “effort.” This was apparently, however, a mass wasting of a human creation of doubtful conceptual validity. I fear that one defective concept is being replaced with another, and with storm intensities and periods likely to increase, the possibility of a repeat performance does not appear to be less likely. I quite agree with Vicki.

  5. Fortunately, we can rely fully on Mother Nature to make her determinations, on when ‘our time’ is up traveling this precious roadway.

  6. friends, seldom in life is anything ‘one and done’. we all eat and then eat again, bathe and then bathe again, wash our clothes and dishes and then do so yet again, shave, cut our hair or trim our nails or paint a home again and again and again…. the aphorism “this, too, shall pass” was coined by and is used by people who have seen lifes cycles. highway maintenance is just that, work dedicated to maintaining something useful. sure highway 1 is a relatively high-maintenance roadway, but it’s also super-high in BEAUTY, so what are we supposed to do, bail on it ? abandon and close the highway ? it broke, so we fix it, again. and gee, it’s gong to break again in the future, and it’ll get fixed again. not quite sure I can understand the hand-wringing about fixing it since fixing it has been happening since day one, and factored in since day one; this isn’t new. ALL roads need maintenance. but hey, laughing, Big Sur and her highway sure is a drama queen, eh ? I salute the fine job and hard work that CalTrans does, thanks to all of them !

  7. Thank you for your photos and updates. I live way up in MN, but have traveled HW 1 two times during CA vacations. There really aren’t words to describe the wild beauty found along this stretch of road. I hope it can be repaired, but also can’t imagine how it can be done. When we were driving on 1, I was fascinated with the homes, a school, and businesses along the way. We live on a dead-end, quiet gravel road in rural MN, but the isolation on 1 isn’t much of a comparison to our little piece of earth here.

  8. Lest I’m misunderstood, I love the road. Back in the day, I used to arrive at my office in Monterey crowing about the number of whale spouts I counted on my drive in to work. It was close to euphoric 😉 .

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