Monday morning coffee, 6/7/21

I expect to start this feature up next week from something a friend is bringing me this week. More next Monday.

Actually, something I ordered came in today and it is an original, edited by Emile White, I will either start publishing Emil White’s 1954 take on Highway One, or Don Harlan’s 1988 version of Highway One.

6 thoughts on “Monday morning coffee, 6/7/21

  1. I like that it’s The Big Sur. Growing up around here in the early sixties, I heard folks generally say ‘the Big Sur’ as in ‘I’m driving my Oldsmobile down to the Big Sur after work,’ rather than ‘I’m driving my Tesla down to Big Sur after zooming’ like the kids say nowadays.

    Looking forward to looking back at The Big Sur price one dollar.

  2. Wow, that is a massive winter swell on that cover shot!
    30 feet? Thanks for sharing Kate!

  3. The cover photo was by Wynn Bullock.
    Wynn Bullock’s photography is represented in 90 museums around the world.
    Much of his creative photography portraited the Central Coast of California, Pt. Lobos and The Big Sur area.
    One of his photos is of a child walking on Partington Ridge Road, available as a poster. (Bought it decades ago.)
    He died in Monterey in 1975 at 73 years of age.
    You can view many images of his at wynn bullock photography- google it.

  4. This is a link to his families website- a collection of Wynn’s Black & White photographs, organized by decade.
    It is pretty good stuff.
    Each photo warrants study- to figure out what was going on, shadow versus lighting.
    Historically Bullock is on a par with Ansel Adams, but more focused on the Big Sur.

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