7 thoughts on “No Fireworks, period

  1. Amen. Based on Kate’s recent recommendation, I am reading “Fire Monks” about the 2008 Basin Complex fire and the courageous stand against it taken by Tassajara’s Zen community. There are many similarities between 2008 season and right now. I strongly recommend this excellent book.

  2. A fact from today’s SF Chronicle: Sparklers (sparklers!) burn at 1800 degrees and can melt gold.

    Why do people need to set off fireworks? Something left over from our Neanderthal brain?

  3. In Carmel Valley Village we are having cloud activity that has been building since early morning when the marine layer cleared off. I don’t see a forecast for our area of the monsoon like moisture that is causing lightning further north. However, what I took as an early morning fleeting cloud cover so far is persisting. Does anyone have information to suggest lightning in our area? The clouds are from the south and east.

  4. Is there any evidence that “we” are more intelligent than Neanderthals were? “We” might have trouble surviving without culture, and living under the conditions in which Neanderthals thrived.

  5. The strength of steel remains essentially unchanged until about 600°F. The steel retains about 50% of its strength at 1100°F. The steel loses all of its capacity when it melts at about 2700°F. However, for design purposes, it is usually assumed that all capacity is lost at about 2200°F. See: https://www.aisc.org/steel-solutions-center/engineering-faqs/11.2.-steel-exposed-to-fire/#9370

    Of course, this means that the steel itself needs to be heated to more than 600F, and a sparkler would hardly last long enough to bring a steel structural member to more than that. From there, I would be venturing a bit too far into the realm of my ignorance . . .

  6. No firework display is worth the pain and suffering that nature, some veterans, and pets have to endure. Ban the bang and jail the jerks.

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