11 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 7/18/21

  1. Beautiful picture Kate. I can remember those growing up on the coast!! I certainly hope the lightning doesn’t materialize.

  2. Simply Stunning, Ms. Kate!

    Thanks for sharing this fabulous view of yours! You have likely had the pleasure this past week, of viewing the conjoining of Venus & Mars, setting into the Bay, alongside the Newer Moon! One of my most favorite Celestial events! I bet the Angel Orb’s of Light can be captured here too, if you take several photos outside! Dusk is when they become much more visible. What fun!

  3. Oh, you poor thing! If I were you, I don’t think I would ever get out of bed, with a view like that and a nice big window to gaze at the view! I certainly miss sitting and enjoying the splendor of looking out to sea from Lucia! We could hear the surf pounding below the cliff and always could smell the luscious flora and fauna! How dearly I miss Big Sur! I envy you! ENJOY!!!

  4. when I lived in your neighborhood, I used to tell folks I had “an unobstructed view of Japan,” from my bed pillow.

  5. Such an inviting photo
    Kate. Thanks for sharing your precious oasis.

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