Cal Fire Photo

Another photo that epitomizes what California and her fire fighters are facing this year. I do not know for sure which fire this is, or the exact date it was taken, but I believe it was taken in the last few days and it is probably the Dixie Fire up north, but I am not certain. Dixie is a monster.

Remember to support our local fire fighters at the annual Muster this Saturday at the State Park.

The Dixie Fire from Chico, CA from Rose Welch yesterday:

6 thoughts on “Cal Fire Photo

  1. Yep, that looks like the Dixie. I’ve seen lots of similar photos as I am currently based at the Beckwourth ICP. This fire’s pyrocumulous cloud is actually creating it’s own lightning.

  2. Very poignant. How insignificant we are. A photo for our times. Thank-you, Kate.

  3. Whew! So scary.
    Here (Ashland) we have extreme drought, exceptionally high heat and wind. After last Fall’s Almeda fire took 2,500 homes (1 mi. from my door), nerves are on edge.
    Am so relieved that Tassajara has, again, been spared.

  4. Another picture moment when you have to beg yourself not to cry and tell yourself to be strong.

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