Love of the Wilderness

“But the love of wilderness is more than a hunger for what is always beyond reach; it is also an expression of loyalty to the earth, the earth which bore us and sustains us, the only home we shall ever know, the only paradise we ever need- if only we had the eyes to see. Original sin, the true original sin, is the blind destruction for the sake of greed of this natural paradise which lies all around us – if only we were worthy of it.”
Edward Abbey (thanks for the quote, Barbara Woyt)

That is why my heart hurts when I see so much of this:

A once beautiful wildflower meadow gone forever
Where have all the flowers gone?
Notice the “No vehicles” sign they drove around? People don’t realize what flowers and plants they destroy when they go off road and the erosion they cause.
If people could just stay on the road….the view is the same and so much damage could be avoided. Each year more and more wilderness is being destroyed.

These are just a few examples through photos taken this past Saturday. I took dozens more that same day — over 100 cars in 5 miles. If only we could see. We are not worthy of the beauty. We miss so much while thinking we are enjoying the wilderness, when we are in fact destroying it.

21 thoughts on “Love of the Wilderness

  1. Kate! “While we are thinking we are enjoying the wilderness ….” The quote Barbara shared is spot on. “If only we had the eyes to see …” ❤️

  2. Indeed, Yes,,, Our True & Forever Home, if we will only Stand Up, for Her Now.

    Hope you won’t mind my sharing an astrological, rather Cosmic, view~ As I believe it will assist us in, Being the Change.

    We have entered a time, & are transitioning now, from what is being called, the Old Paradigm (all about me, my way, & my gain), to the New Paradigm~ All about, The We, & Our Collective Gain. The surrender of the Old is challenging, & in order to move into this great shift, the Old must present itself, in not so great ways, including the disturbing photos Kate has shared here. When the reflections of where we are, become unacceptable (we are there!), the People will Stand, as is beginning to happen now. In my view, this grand Shift from the Me, to the We, will require that 100th Monkey #, which I believe will occur, as with all great Change, because it is Cosmically supported now. Even tho it may not look like it, the Standing Up, is already occuring, including with the great assist of human’s like, our Big Sur Kate!, an important player moving forward, no doubt, for our precious coast!

    I liken this shifting time, to a Cosmic ’12~Step’ program, necessary, because we have allowed things to become destructive, one of the monitor’s of addiction. And our addiction, it’s all about Me! We don’t have to bottom-out however, to get to Clean & Sober (doing the work necessary), we can begin now! There are a lnumber of adages to use, but my favorite, BE THE CHANGE. 🌅

  3. There is but one God who will respond to your prayers.
    Everything else is hopeless gibberish- it will give you no love, it is not holy.
    Explore the Lord’s Prayer if you want peace and results.
    It took me most of a lifetime to understand how this works, but it is well worth checking into.

    No offense intended. Thank you.

    That gate @ Highway 1 should be closed/locked to keep out this destructive camping.

  4. Infuriating. And heartbreaking that they cannot respect and revere this Beauty.

  5. Fortunately, We are a Free People, not having to think or do anything anyone insists upon! 😊 Your demand on who God is, is of course your choice.
    Happy Trail’s All ~☆~ 😇

  6. Entitlement of selfish people is the toxic waste of society.

  7. Yes everyone does need to open their eyes to the destruction that is taking place in Big Sur. Just recently a realtor lady said that people ask, “what is so special about Big Sur,” and she said “well let me tell you. Big Sur is renowned worldwide for its natural features and relatively pristine scenery. The Big Sur Coast has been called the longest and most scenic stretch of undeveloped coastline in the (contiguous) United States,” and I’ll have to agree with her, I mean lets face it most people come here for wilderness and beauty of it all … Lets all do our part and “KEEP BIG SUR WILD”

  8. And, a big part of what we will be shown now, & until, We Act! I think of this time as a mirror, reflecting back to us all, exactly what is up for correcting. A good thing really, as it will prompt us to begin to correct, all that is out of balance. 🌎

  9. In my view, God is everything, including the entire Universe, & all that resides there. And, any limitation placed on what God is, is what I believe to be, ‘gibberish!’ 😇

  10. Edward Abbey…. such words of wisdom. He was prescient, knowing way back when what was likely to happen to the beauty of our planet. 🥴

  11. This Planet, Gaia, earth, our spaceship has two equilibrium’s and one purpose, the one purpose is distilling water and it will do this without fail letting nothing stop it from this purpose, the two equilibrium’s are one planet with humans and one without humans, the one equilibrium without us looks very different and unlike any we have ever known or will ever know, it is harsh with accelerated entropy through extreme weather events, the equilibrium with us requires us to be the care takers responsible for our environment and the planets one purpose, UNDERSTAND, our world is not natural it is neglected, we must tend the garden we can touch, BEWARE, your culture is manufactured through hedonic adaptation, mullerian mimicry and domesticated dependence on a system that is designed and operated for economic incarceration with for profit privatized sleep and subscription toilets, REMEMBER, sustenance and covering has value everything else is just a cultural souvenir, one people one planet, one purpose.

  12. That spot has definitely been abused but they didn’t access that spot on the hill from where the sign is. The main access is directly behind where they’re parked.

  13. This side was always the “main access point” and then another was created when this one became impassable douring the winter. So now, both sidess of this hill are destroyed and will erode this winter.

  14. Yep, been appreciating these spots for 30 years and it’s sad how little people care about them. Definitely not defending them, didn’t mean to sound like I was.

  15. Until We take a Stand, not just in this matter, but across the board now, All will continue. Be The Change. Action, speaks louder than Suffering! ☮

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