Traffic jam on a dirt road

I don’t go out much any more. I just get discouraged when I do. Instead, I choose to spend my time in solitude on a mountain top where I an watch Mother Nature host the greatest show on earth — the sunrise, the sunset, the trees dancing to the breezes that catch her leaves, all the while playing the symphony of our universe.

Sometimes, I have to. What used to be a peaceful drive down to the highway has become a challenge. I expect those on the weekend, but on a Tuesday morning? I don’t expect that, yet there it was.

I saw a smaller or lesser version of what I had seen on Muster Saturday. Cars, tents, campers set up all off the road, damaging the fields, the plants, the flowers…again….not to mention driving onto dry grass, risking staring a fire.

That is NOT the road…
That path has been blocked off so many times, but it is ignored. Wooden posts are sawed off at the iground, as oine can see here.\
Blocked off? Not for me! I am special. I don’t need to follow the rules. I care nothing for the wilderness. My needs come first!

Further on down the road I encountered my first traffic jam. One of those cheap new Land Rovers came fact-to-face with me on a narrow part of the road, and there was a while Tacoma behind me. I am stuck in the middle and at the mercy of whoever blinks first. It was the Rover. He backed up. I have learned a lot about a driver by how he or she backs up on this narrow, steep, windy road. This one wasn’t bad. He or she had to back up a considerable distance to let me and the otherTacoma by.

I stayed in front. The Tacoma didn’t crowd me, which was good. I came upon a doe leading her two fawns down the road. I gave her plenty of space, as I did not want to spook any of them, causing the doe and her fawns to be separated. The Tacoma had no choice but to slow to the crawl pace I set as I watched the family make its way down the road. I watched them until all three of them, together as a unit, left the road. Then, and only then. did I stop crawling. The traffic jam was over and I could proceed at a more normal pace. A doe and her twins were admired and honored. We are all only guests here.