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  1. I believe, there must be a balancing here, not one over the other. As invaluable as our environment will always be, people must survive economically in order to care enough. This reminds me of the grand failure of our politics. Until we get over, that it really isn’t about any one side having superiority over another, whether gender, race, or political bent, we won’t progress out of here. It’s hard to believe really, that we remain so ego-centric, in believing that our side is best! And worse, using vitriol & hate of the other, believing that this toxic behavior will improve things! This is perhaps our biggest false premise, & preventing the progress of us all. We will be learning this invaluable lesson these next years, as we bottom-out in this childish game of Ego’s! But, this isn’t giving children enough credit, as our children would likely have it way over, our foolishness!

    We will be moving, going forward, ready or not!, toward the collective We, toward the Whole, including our environment, as we desperately hold on to the Me, my way, & my side, failed mentality.

    If we cannot economically survive (the Homeless catastrophe, including thousand’s of our Vets), we won’t care even close to enough, about our precious environment, very sadly. It is all of our choice’s now, & WE can do this!

  2. Brilliant statement, Jan! Culture against society.

    “We have only two choices, really. We can have an ‘I beat you down, you beat me down, I beat you down,’ society, or we can have an ‘I lift you up, you lift me up, I lift you up’ society.” –Kenneth Boulding

  3. It has been a fascinating watch these last years, as so many allow the mainsteam media to form their own thoughts! Good News does loom however, as the number of those embedded on their side, begin to dwindle, & the number of Independant voters Sky Rocket! I am optimistic, & say, Hooray! for this Wake~Up! 🌎

  4. Greeting’s Gunta,

    In my view, which examines the current natural (Cosmic) life cycles, it appears, due to our low level of collective consciousness, that additional big challenges will need to occur, until we do, Wake up. It’s always our choice, as it always has been, it’s just that at this particular time in our evolvement, I believe, we no longer have the luxury of remaining polarized, which we know, only prevents the progress & real change, we claim we want.

    2023-2024, looks to have us beginning to acknowledge, then change, what we have created up til now (incl. the voting in of ‘our’ politicians!). Events occuring at this time, will be for the purpose of the Wake~Up, in the coming together, to achieve more cooperation, instead of the judging & fighting one another, currently at hand. We could accomplish all of this now of course, but clearly we are not ready to surrender our behavior. The ego is a stubborn master! The ‘Wakiing up’ will happen to us, if you will, because we will have bottomed-out in our current, “all about me” construct. I compare this time, with the ’12~Step’ program, necessary, because we have failed to get Clean & Sober, on our own. ☮

  5. Hi Ruth~
    What is your inference here? We may have a different understanding of ‘evolvement.’ What I am writing about, is our collective Soul evolvement, moving from our current focus on Personal gain, to that of the Collective gain.

  6. P.s.
    If your inference Ruth, is that Evolvement is ongoing, of course it is!

    What I am attempting to articulate here, is that we are being accelerated along this process now, with the purpose of bringing about what we have resisted~ surrendering the Me, for the We! 🌎

  7. We did all notice that these efforts to save a personified economy even if it kills actual human beings was a bit on the collective sociopathy spectrum during 2020 right? Might be important for us to remember that we made money up and lived much longer as human beings without it than with anthropologically (not so re: our eco systems and nature itself which is what has actually sustained our lives, as Spock said “to destroy your planet’s ecosystem for imaginary wealth is highly illogical” https://lithub.com/robin-wall-kimmerer-greed-does-not-have-to-define-our-relationship-to-land/

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