8 thoughts on “Photo Sunday 12/5/21

  1. Beautiful photo. Heading up to the Hermitage today to spend a week in quiet contemplation away from the LA hubbub. Maybe even take a few photos.

  2. Oh my Kate!
    You have made my week, in publishing this Glorius painting? of our ever transforming, Mother Nature~~
    What a grand Teacher she is, of how to move thru this Life on Earth ~☆~

  3. Thank you Kate, for letting me know, as I had thought it much too beautiful to be a photograph! You have a Gift. I am so taken by the beauty here, that I have placed it on my phone desktop! Hope that’s Ok! 🌲

  4. Yes, that’s it! Ms. Kate’s photography has truly captured Beautiful, Surrealistic Mother Nature at her finest! ~☆~
    Pure Magic!

  5. Kate, who took the “Speak to the earth” photo? I’d like to use it as a screen saver but want to give a credit.

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