8 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Also love “Let’s try this again” Happy New Year Kate and Family. Lots of love for you and hugs too.

  2. How bout, instead of, “let’s try this again,’ Let’s DO It!
    It is our Action that will speak much Louder, than our Suffering & Whining about it ~☆~
    It’s Time!

  3. Much love to you, Kate. I am all for the do-over and also for collective action that bit by bit makes the world a saner more loving space. A very big ask. But . . . so be it.

  4. May the spirit of Big Sur, that you encompass Ms. Kate, flow to all in this coming year. Happy and safe new season to all!

  5. I’m so totally with you on this! There doesn’t seem to be a rational reason, but I’m feeling a sense of optimism…

    via GIPHY

    (I hope this works – if not, picture a gif of Yoda saying “do, or do not – there is no try”)
    ☺️ May the fourth be with you!

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