Bigsurkate’s weather station

This is the inside monitor for my new weather station with ambient. I can also monitor it on my iPhone/iPad when I am away.

The inside temperature is not accurate on this dashboard, and will not be available to me or others via internet. But the rest of it? There is now a link to the right at the very top of the 2021-2022 Weather & Road information — *bigsurkate’s weather station. I will also be including it during fire season so we can check the wind and humidity.

11 thoughts on “Bigsurkate’s weather station

  1. Have the same station. Linked to Weather Underground with a fairly large number of local stations also linked to Weather Underground. Works really well and interesting to click among the other local stations to see the micro-climate differences.

  2. Hi Kate, this is cool (or warm I suppose ….) Can you tell me – does the website allow download of data to a computer to allow long trend analysis, maybe with a spreadsheet? Thanks

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