Fire in Palo Colorado Canyon

11 on – On highway One looking south from Palo Colorado Canyon

10:30 Pm taken by Harmony d’Angelo:

10:15 pm —- Photo below From Deena Angelic. Info from a variety of sources, including the chp website. The fire has jumped the highway in this location near the rocky creek viaduct and is now burning on both sides of the highway. There is a hard closure at Rio Rd and at Andrew Molera.

Early reports are that it started at the Hains property behind the Mid Coast Fire Station and went into the vegetation and the winds are pushing it toward the coast One report: “Message from upper Greenridge. Large fire just started above the fire staton. Massive flames visible at the residence up their. I believe it’s the Hain Allen property. Heavy winds blowing offshore right now, so it’s moving towards the coast, but it’s blowing up big time and heading west.” Remember, early reports are not always accurate. But I have heard from at least 3 people it was at the Hains propery.

Here is a photo, but I don’t have a photographer’s name, yet.

Sounds like it’s pushing into Rocky Canyon, Bixby Canyon and Palo. Evacs on Bixby. Not looking good. Here is a photo from Long Ridge:

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  1. I’m told they’re evacuating the house’s just east of Rocky Creek Bridge near Highway. Very strong NE Wind.

  2. OMG! I lived right across from the fire station and back in on Ruth Albee’s property. I’m just devastated this area is getting hit by fire, again.

  3. Kate,

    thanks for the coverage, I’m one of the owners of the Smith Ranch at Rocky Creek. By viewing the pictures, it appears it has burnt most of the ranch. I believe it might have also burnt one of the buildings at the property. I spoke to my tenant earlier this evening after he was evacuated.

    Richard Smith

  4. Does anyone know if the fire went up Greenridge Road across from the fire station?

  5. I used to live on Garrapata ridge (well I guess it’s Weston ridge now). Same CHS class as the Hain’s oldest. Hope everyone gets out alright.

  6. @Carol Benedict No. The fire went the opposite direction. South west from behind the Fire Station.

  7. Great coverage, Kate, of an all too familiar and tragic scenario. My heart goes out to all those affected. .

  8. We have a home in the canyon that goes under the Bixby bridge. I was there self isolating related to COVID since our daughter is expecting a second child very soon and also has a 2 year old, I had been out of town.

    The flames were easily visible on the ridge that goes into the Smith Ranch and up to the “glass house” . I will send you some photos. The wind appeared to be consistently is a west/south west direction. The power went out at about 8;30 and is not expected to be back before Tuesday. Yesterday I was the only one still in the canyon. Had to drive to Big Sur to get cell coverage to call my family. No other cars on the road there which was a bit eery.

    At about 5pm I was coming back from a walk and two incredibly friendly police officers had tagged the area and our home and advised me of the mandatory evacuation. I ate as much of the remaining coffee ice cream that I could as it was melting! Packed up and left. During the day Cal Fire helicopters flew over our home at least 100 times. There must be a water source further south on the Old Coast Rd. Small flickering flames were visible on the east side of Highway 1. Once again I was the only one on the road heading north to the road closure point.

    I had that experience one before as I also was at our home in early 2017 when the 100 year flood hit

    Great thanks to the firefighters and police.

    My Aunt and Uncle -Claudia and John Ruster had the house next to us for decades and I have been visiting that canyon for about 50 years now.

    Clay Jackson

  9. Family home is just below Greenridge, below the firestation, after the round house ON palo colorado road. Is there any new information? Worried sick about the possibility of losing the home that my kids were born in. The Warner home at 37752.

  10. Ana, you don’t need to worry. Take a closer look at the Heat Detection Maps and such on this blog. Things are looking much much better

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