Photos, Colorado Fire

From Blain Vandenberg:

We live directly across from the Haines property and looked out the window yesterday evening to find the mountain looking like a volcano. And a racing east wind.

Plenty of spectacular visual drama last night and through today but feeling good watching all of the hand crews cut swiftly down the hill.
Fingers crossed the wind remains still. 
Many many thanks to everyone helping on this! 
Blain vandenberg 

And from Mike Doig, some of the airdrops at 2:45 pm

From Dale Collins driving home from work about 9 pm:

9 thoughts on “Photos, Colorado Fire

  1. Heartbreaking, prayers to the crews working this fire and their support team. Prayers for those who live in the vanity, may they be safe, and not lose their homes. Best of luck gaining control… looks overwhelming.

  2. Terrifying, but it’s nice to see all that air support. As with you, Blain, I hope the winds stay calm and good progress is made on this fire. Hoping for the best outcome for everyone amidst yet another BS Fire.

  3. Kate…possible to get an accurate assessment of where we are with this fire? Local News has not been very good. Cal Fire postings? Take care


  4. I agree with Karl. At the 6pm news just went over same thing. They didn’t even send a reporter down. I saw some helicopter footage from the Grimes Ranch and also taking water out of the ocean at Rocky Creek Beach. They seemed to be concentrating in canyon along Rocky Creek. They are still saying 1500 acres and 20 % containment. I think they are making progress as I see more smoke than flames now.

  5. Per latest reports via Cal Fire PIO the fire is now 20% contained (as of 11pm) and downgraded to 1050 acres burned. Winds are now down to 3mph in Carmel, 4mph in Big Sur and humidity hovering near 50% with some fog in the vicinity. Fingers crossed for everyone involved and directly affected! (Former neighbor on Lower Greenridge Rd)

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