Photo Sunday, 3/12/22

The first time I came to the Monterey Peninsula was my honeymoon. The second time I came, it was to try and get my husband out of the Army on a hardship discharge. It was quite a process, but better than Viet Nam. I moved up here for months while I jumped through all the hoops and got all the required documentation. Last week I drove through some of the old Fort Ord and took these photos.

6 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 3/12/22

  1. Current Aircraft on the fire, AA430, Copter 3, VCFD Copter 5, the Fire is 100 Acres, 20% Containment no smoke is showing on the cams.

  2. with so many homeless/houseless persons drifting these days, allowing Ft.Ord to rot is a travesty. I was around when it closed, and later, and I well remember all the red tape and barriers (streets not wide enough for conventional fire engines, etc.) …still, it’s a travesty. So sad.

  3. Bet that brought back some wild memories…. all part of the experience and the lessons we learn along the way.

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