Firewise Free Tow Chain covers program

New Free Tow-chain Cover Program: Prevent roadside sparks – Prevent Wildfires!

A leading cause of wildfire in our county is dragging tow chains that spark and ignite roadside vegetation. To prevent this, Robles Firewise and Tularcitos Ridge Firewise volunteers have joined forces to provide FREE tow-chain covers made from retired firehose.

In the coming weeks, you can find free tow-chain covers in buckets like those pictured below throughout Carmel Valley (and eventually throughout Monterey county) at gas stations, hardware stores, Hacienda Hay & Feed, the Trail & Saddle Club, etc. and In Cachagua, buckets will be placed at neighborhood mailboxes.

Simply unscrew the hooks on your trailer chains, slide the cover over the chain, and re-attach your hooks. 

Special thanks to state and local fire departments and Carmel Valley CERT for donating the hose; to Alfredo Mendieta for helping translate the signs into Spanish; to Meredith May, Laura Anderson, Steve Park, Jenn Jackson, and Steve Imbimbo of Tularcitos Ridge Firewise, and Stacey Wood and Alondra Valdez Klemek of Robles Firewise Group for collecting supplies, cutting hose, laminating signs, and assembling and/or distributing the buckets.

If you are interested in having a bucket at your place of business; if you need to request a refill of tow-chain covers; or you would like to volunteer to cut more hose for the program, please go to either


4 thoughts on “Firewise Free Tow Chain covers program

  1. A great big thank you to both Robles & Tularcitos Firewise for making this happen! It is so needed.

  2. Excuse my ignerance, but is it legal to tow another vehicle on public road/highways with a chain? Straps solve the problem if it is.

    If the metal chain (of any kind) comes in contact with the road surface, it seems that the hose might wear out, exposing the critical part of the chain and provide a false sense of security.

  3. The tow chain is a backup feature in case the actual hitch fails. I don’t know whether it’s legal to tow with a chain only, but I do know it’s not smart.

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