Rain Report

The wind and rain kept me awake. It was so glorious and I was so excited, it was 1 am before I finally crashed — like a kid at Christmas time. Hoping for more today, which we are expecting as the flash flood watch has been extended until 8 pm. Lightning possible this afternoon.

Final tally as of 8:30 am:

For this afternoon, per NOAA:

As noted below, the bigger story for this afternoon will be thunderstorm chances. The low off the coast has instability associated with it as noted by the ongoing lightning on NLDN and GLM. NUCAPs sounding data also shows CAPE values >than 200 J/kg. Hi-res models and ensemble data (NBM thunder) all
suggest a chance for thunderstorms this afternoon, especially south of the Golden Gate, as the surface low moves inland. Current forecast has this potential hazard captured well and as a result a Flash Flood Watch remains in effect.

7 thoughts on “Rain Report

  1. Received about 1.75 inch at Rocky Creek. All seems to be well, will check out later this pm.


  2. I got 1/2 inch in my rain shadow so…that’s good! Some lightening strikes off the Santa Barbara coast. Could swing up this way.

  3. We got 1.75inches at Rocky Creek. All seems well. Will check out later this afternoon.

  4. 1.16 in Los Osos and 1″ + at home in SLO. Yes, excited is a good way to describe the feeling.

  5. Also loved this small storm and also was awake part of the night excited about the consistent sounds on my skylights Kate. Hope it continues through April and May. My kitties do not like it much so they feel a bit unsettled. Raining again now. Hugs to you and your pups.

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