Dolan Fire Arsonist found guilty

Ivan Geronimo Gomez was found guilty of 16 felonies including arson, marijuana cultivation, injury to a firefighter and animal cruelty.

The Dolan Fire eventually destroyed 128,050 acres and 14 structures, and may have killed 11 endangered condors. More than a dozen firefighters were injured, one critically, when they had to deploy their emergency fire shelters.

Gomez could be facing 24 years in prison.

Ed Note: after serving his time in prison, he will be deported if he was in this country illegally, which it appears he was.

7 thoughts on “Dolan Fire Arsonist found guilty

  1. The cartel grow site where the Dolan fire originated had been reported to USFS ahead of Gomez’ arson. While it is good that justice is being served and Gomez will likely be imprisoned, that does not address USFS consistent dereliction of responsibility to eradicate trespass grow sites before they become wildfire conflagrations. Not all trespass grows on USFS lands become wildfires but it only takes one, like Dolan, to devastate 120,000 acres of wildlands and permanently damage countless human lives. Instead of waiting until the crop is mature to raid grow sites (thus generating the most sensational media coverage) USFS and allied law enforcement need to eradicate every trespass grow as soon as they are reported. Immediate eradication is the only way USFS and allied law enforcement can truly serve the people and protect our wildlands.

  2. More reasons to stop open border policies. The blame also lands upon those policy makers in D.C. and Sacramento. Instead of incarceration they recieve fat pensions. Will we return them to office?

  3. Excellent. I think 24 years is too lenient given he’s unable to pay any reparations, but I’m glad he was caught, tried and sentenced.

  4. How about people stop using M and there would be no demand?
    Closing borders has never worked and never will

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