Glorious Rain!

Here is to an awesome April! (As of 7 am, 4/16/22) And it is once again, Mining Ridge for the win! Tomorrow, Easter, I can finally finish sowing all those wildflower seeds I got!!! (not recommended, as I normally sow in fall, but also like to sow before a good rain, and just didn’t get that much). I am afraid seed viability might not be good by next fall.

4 thoughts on “Glorious Rain!

  1. Kate,
    Every little bit helps. From looking at your map, it appears about an inch at Rocky Creek. Last time I was down we were getting a few green sprouts in the burnt area.


  2. Hi Kate-We have puddles in our camp sites and on our property. It is glorious and our campers are being troopers. And it smells fresh. Enjoy planting those seeds. Hugs.

  3. Hey Kate! Our rain gauge is reading nearly 1.5″ on Partington! I just spread my old wildflower seeds as well 🙂

  4. Great! Maybe some will take, even though late in the season. If not??? More seed next year, right?
    T’was a glorious rain@ And now for a sunny Easter!

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