7 thoughts on “Very, v-e-r-y slow trip down Plaskett on 4/21/2022

  1. OMG, I feel for the driver whose heart must have been pounding loudly!! Otherwise it was a great rain, almost 2″ in the mountains.

  2. Please don’t do this again. But always with a winch kit or its functional equivalent.

  3. I have had to descend such a muddy, slippery road before. Never fun. And in my case, a 4WD low range, mud/terrain tire equipped pickup did not matter….when you lose steering, and braking, all bets are off. The winch I have might have helped the recovery….maybe.

  4. Price to pay when this is public land.No clue how to drive in these conditions. Wrong vehicle? No clue. At least there should be a pass for the locals to drive up there and enjoy the land.

  5. Mud is almost impossible to predict. Better to stay off of it, especially in the conditions pictured. I suppose one could hook up a snatch block to give it a try with a winch, to scope it out further, but only when it’s a matter of life or death. A little mud on a hard base is perhaps the worst. But any crossfall at all can send one over the side lickety-split (ending up on the upside is no fun either, but usually not fatal. Avoid hooking to trees close to cut or fill slopes. I don’t even trust the level, or any incline or decline. I’ve driven 4×4 Army mutts, 68 Ford Bronco’s, F-250’s, F-150’s including USFS vehicles with cork-impregnated snow tires, with and without chains (which I don’t trust in the aforementioned conditions either). My present rig is a (10K# Mitsubishi FG 4X4 dual with a custom body). For serious bad-roaders, I just found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p36lgh073OQ

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