Dolan Fire Arsonist sentenced to 24 years in prison

Ivan Geronimo Gomez was found guilty of 16 felonies including arson, marijuana cultivation, injury to a firefighter and animal cruelty in April. The court sentenced him today to 24 years in prison, per KSBW.

The Dolan Fire eventually destroyed 128,050 acres and 14 structures and may have killed 11 endangered condors. More than a dozen firefighters were injured, one critically, when they had to deploy their emergency fire shelters.

4 thoughts on “Dolan Fire Arsonist sentenced to 24 years in prison

  1. Dear Kate, thank you for the update about the Dolan Fire Arsonist.
    Is it possible to for you to resend the link in support of the injured firefighters? Whether or not it is monetary or emotional support, it would be good to hear from all of us just how appreciative we are for their dedication. We all need to be reminded of their heroism and sacrifice.

  2. The f***ing Arsonist should have received more time, after the hell everyone went through for all those months!!

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