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As many of you are aware, last week a new television series on CBS called “Fire Country” began garnering attention on the internet and social media. The drama series relates to inmate firefighters working for a fire agency called CAL FIRE. I want to be clear that CAL FIRE, CDCR, nor CAL FIRE Local 2881, had any involvement with this television series. This television series is a misrepresentation of the professional all-hazards fire department and resource protection agency that CAL FIRE is. The dramatization of inmate firefighters fighting members of CAL FIRE is a poor reflection of the value of our Camps Program and the incredible work and leadership of our Fire Captains who supervise our handcrews. While we cannot prevent this television series from airing, I believe it is important for each of you to hear from me directly that the Department was not involved in its creation or support. Should you receive any media inquiries or requests for comment, please forward requests to our Sacramento Communications Program. Please know that I am incredibly proud of the work that each of you do every day and look forward to the progress we make together serving the people of California. Respectfully, Joe Tyler Director/Fire Chief CAL FIRE

3 thoughts on “Fire Country disclaimer from Cal Fire

  1. Joe Tyler, thanks for your and your dedicated, professional colleagues service. Watched the trailer and see why you should distance yourselves from such a crappy, unrealistic insult to what you guys and gals really do. Thanks again.

  2. I’d rather see a documentary than artistic license.

    Why can’t people just engage on a subject and be open to other ideas rather than automatically go into defensive mode the second they hear something that doesn’t line up with their prejudices? We all have a lot to learn, but there are a lot of “experts” out there who don’t want to hear from their “inferiors.”

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