Prescribed burns on FHL Thurs and Fri

FHL FD, CALFIRE, Los Padres National Forest and Central Fire from Santa Cruz will be conducting Prescribed Burns THU 26 MAY and FRI 27 MAY from 0900-1700.

THU: TA 20 (Gabilan Road and Alice Road); Behind the MPRC Backdrop
FRI: : TA 16 (Hay Camp, Nacimiento-Fergusson and San Miguelito Loop Roads); Hay Camp Light Demo Range Area

3 thoughts on “Prescribed burns on FHL Thurs and Fri

  1. It suppose to windy n hot tomorrow. Why in Gods name would we have a prescribe burns. They get out control all the time. Maybe they never lost a home or memories, pictures, etc.

  2. Just how long is the “fuel reduction” expected to last before the fuel loading is back to substantially the same (or greater, due to the nutrient release and water conserving or drying effects) state as it is now? What is the cost, and what are the net benefit calculations and their basis? What will be the effects on the state of the ecosystem?

    It appears that the burn will primarily annual grasses and sub-shrubs. What is the dry date for the area?

  3. On the hottest, driest day of the week … what could possibly go wrong? This is NOT the time of year to conduct these burns.

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