Vegetation Fire east of Paso Robles – Eagle Fire

7:30 pm — forward progress stopped, 100 ac and 25% contained, per Watch Duty (an app you all need to have on your phone)

6:40 pm — The fire has spotted outside the lines, is 30-40 acres, has a moderate rate of spread. Sending 2 additional tankers, 2 additional dozers and 2 additional crews.

From Cal Fire on their twitter account: ”WILDLAND FIRE: #EagleIC and firefighters responding to a Wildand Fire East of Paso Robles.#CountyofSlo #PasoRobles” at 6:10 pm T75, T78 overhead from Paso Robles.. Ground resources are making access.

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  1. Yes, I have my Notifications on Watch Duty set for Monterey County only, so I did not get a notice. But we DO CARE about our neighbors to the south, so Thanks

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