10 thoughts on “Plaskett Ridge, illegal campfire

  1. Good start for a Public Service Announcement (PSA). Now, if there were actual law enforcement coming to write tickets, make arrests: great. Love that locals are willing to respond when seeing something that needs attention like this.

  2. Unless there can be regular law enforcement presence on places like Plaskett…this is really the only way we can help protect our lands from this form of stupidity. I wish that there was a system where locals and other concerned citizens could work in alliance with law enforcement, so their efforts are actively supported in the forms of punitive followups (warnings etc) in response these kinds of videos. Maybe this is already the case. A sign at the bottom of the road stating that all reports of illegal campfires will be taken up with law enforcement officials….. might make people think twice before lighting a fire.

  3. Is the video authentic? I am confused about how compliance was achieved. And the HUGE risk taken by the vastly outnumbered person in white pants. Were more people with White Pants out of camera range? Kate, I am sure you checked this out. Can you provide more information?

  4. I often see LEO’s confronting people sleeping in their cars at the vista points and other paved areas, and the LEO’s are always ARMED and wearing armor and have a very intimidating vibe to the people simply sleeping in their cars. and I’m not saying they should be allowed to sleep there, I’m just pointing out the WILDLY misplaced emphasis of those officials. Lets get their uniformed, trained and armed presence up into the places where the REAL stupidity is taking place and write some damned tickets ! how about a public tally of tickets written for illegal campfires ?

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