6 thoughts on “Plaskett Ridge Rd

  1. Personal warnings, citations and large fines might improve some peoples eyesight. For other…you can’t fix stupid. There is no easy answer.

  2. This is such a tough one because the fire dept is unable(?) to actually make their way up the hill to enforce this. We constantly police road campers’ illegal, and super dangerous, ‘homemade campfires’ on Plaskett Ridge road by dousing and dismantling them after the campers leave. Too little, too late if one of these many campfires spreads. What other actions can we take to be part of the solution and help mitigate this high and continued risk?

  3. Make multi-disciplinary teams the norm. LE, FD, tow, and local restoration specialists. Post the names and fines on social media to shame the perps. All businesses should get training to help stop illegal camping as well. Yes, I’m willing to pay more in taxes or fees for this.

  4. You would think that the Monterey County legislative rep in Sacramento would be pushing for some of this budget surplus California supposedly has to be used for enforcement along this stretch of the state.Sure would be less expensive than paying fire crews to come and put out wildfires.

  5. Hi Kate, do you know whether the middle portion of Plaskett Ridge Road is still closed due to private land?

  6. Yes, it is still closed and has been since 1994, so I suspect it will remain closed for a very long time, as long as it remains in private hands.

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