19 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Storm

  1. Hope you have positive experiences after your surgery, Kate.
    Does anyone else see the face that the cloud makes? The lightning traces the nose. Awesome photo!
    We watched a giant cloud transforming into a thunderhead yesterday afternoon, southeast in Palo canyon. Fortunately, nothing happened. I’m going to go check my go-bag contents now. I keep having to switch clothes; still packed for winter. Remember January fire?

  2. Your the best ! Healing is a awesome realization of winder! Heal Away ! Kate! ❣❣

  3. Take a break, Kate; you’ve more than earned it. I wear UV filtering glasses when looking at monitors and TV. Be well.

  4. Thanks for the photos Kate. Even more important thank you for who you are. Blessings to full healing with your cataract surgery. Sending love and hugs.

  5. Hope the eye heals quickly!
    Headed up to Tahoe yesterday and thankfully, the storms brought rain with the lightning.

  6. Hope you are healing up well. I appreciate your work here. I am sorry if this is the wrong place to do this. I was in Big Sur last week. I had hiked Mill Creek Trail several times before the Dolan fire, so wanted to check it out. There were some comments online, that Nacimiento-Ferguson Road was closed, but the trail was partially open. There was a sign at the base of the closed road, a sign at the trail head, a sign 1/2 mile in and then pink ribbons and cairns to lead one along the partially obliterated trail. I really enjoyed this “kind of” treasure hunt. I was, of course, impressed by the evidence of what the forces of nature can do. I wanted to know who to thank for the signs and ribbons and assumed if was the Forest Service. Then on the way down I met a man named Bob, who you might be familiar with. He is 80, from Los Osos, and does trail maintenance, makes the signs, places the ribbons. He was out, carrying his tools up to the trailhead and onto the trail – making it more accessible. Amazing. I am 67 and he makes me look like a wimp! I just wanted to acknowledge him and his work. You probably know all about him. Thanks. I called him Trail Angel Bob.
    I tried to download a pic, but am not great at tech. Thanks, Deb St. Julien

  7. I’m new to this blog. Just moved from Montana? Yes, that’s right! We love it here!

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