Prescribed Burn by State Park

Ignition has been postposed to Thursday from the original Press release, but also covers a broader time frame. Here is the updated press release. If you, like I, think this is ill-advised, consider sending an email to

Letter to State Parks from Richard Wangoe:

Dear Ms. Palkovic

I am a Big Sur local and a strong believer in and supporter of prescribed burns.  I recognize and understand very well that we live in a fire-adapted and evolved ecosystem.   

I must state here my emphatic disapproval of the scheduled prescribed burn for Andrew Molera State Park.  September is ABSOLUTELY NOT the time to safely do a prescribed burn in that location.   The danger of our steady seasonal trade-winds blowing from the Northwest with great regularity and inescapable action blowing any embers or sparks flowing from the scheduled fire is astronomically out of balance to the benefit.   Any escaping fire will be naturally blown into the Big Sur valley and if bad comes to worse even beyond that !  The wind would push any escaping fire inevitably into another area that yes, desperately needs to be transitioned back to a fire-balanced state, but NOT at this time of year.   The potential for chaotic damage by fire escape is not worth stepping into that burn now.

March/April/May and such early-season time-frames are far safer to engage in such worthy work, hopefully when the general fuels-moisture is high enough to slow any unintended directional variations in the fire.

Presently the fuels moisture of the entire coastline downwind of the scheduled fire is dangerously low, well below 10% everywhere.   This situation presents an intolerable risk to the entire community south of Andrew Molera.

Please, PLEASE reconsider the schedule of your burning.   Yes, please DO burn the park and heck, everywhere else, frequently !  Just NOT NOW !   It’s way too dry.

With great intent and hope

Richard Wangoe


I concur with Richard. I am also a proponent of prescribed burning, but I also agree this is ill advised. Campfires are banned on USFS property right now. I can already hear the gasps of horror from so many of you and the PTSD from others.