7 thoughts on “Paul’s Slide in photos

  1. Thanks Kate for the update…. And as someone else asked, how is R doing?

  2. Is sidecasting going to be allowed here? I know the geologists have demonstrated the natural sediment flux which shows how relatively tiny the impact of engineered sediment source is, hopefully they can do this, or that’s a lot of truckloads. Still want to know who Paul is/was, has quite the geomorphologic namesake.

  3. I see a road and it looks passable, better than my road. Let the locals use the road. Our cars arent’ as heavy as the trucks and won’t have as much impact. I know this is just blowing in the wind, but I’m not going to stop asking for consideration of the locals until it happens, so get used to me saying these things. Oh, and don’t get me started on the mail…

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