11 thoughts on “Paul’s Slide in photos, 8/18/23

  1. Micaela. I wondered the same thing. Perhaps temporary roads or access for work crews while repairing or shoring up the ones below? Many on this site are knowledgeable about road construction.

  2. it appears that they are carving deeper into the unstable/unconsolidated mass and that starts at the top, just as their first slice at it did.. lots of work, but step by step is any journey made

    and look at how moist it all is still ! lots of water in there

    sure is pretty when looked at as simple colors, eh ?

  3. This is undoubtedly heretical: Looking at how the hillside is subsiding, which to me indicates that the powdery stuff is pretty deep, I wonder why they don’t consider strategically blasting it.

  4. I say this with sympathy and understanding to our neighbors on the south side of the slide…. Maybe this Mountain does not want to be tamed. The highway was constructed in 1937, and that mountain (among others) has been trying to throw off its shackles ever since.

  5. One can’t help but wonder what the actual decision-tree looks like. Several posts illustrate that there are people outside who either know, or have been perceptive enough, to ask the right questions. Did “they” know what they were doing in 1937? Good question. Do they know what they are doing now? It appears that the slope above the upper portion of the grading is of a continuous gradient, and it looks fairly steep. Is it wise to cut into the toe of such a slope? How competent is the rock? How competent is the now-unconsolidated material that is being pushed over the side?

    What is the explanation for the cracks seen in the seventh photo? How deep are they? What caused them? Will they continue to separate? If there is another slope failure, what will be the effect on the upper slope? What do the apparent surficial failures on the slope behind the work area in the photo mean? Are they depending upon the natural angle of repose to remain stable? For how long? What factors might destabilize such material?

  6. Prayers the hurricane doesn’t ruin all the incredible work done on Paul’s slide. Also prayers for everyone’s safety… bunker down and read a good book by the fire!

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