13 thoughts on “Paul’s Slide in Photos, 8/26/23

  1. The scale of Paul’s Slide is massive while the work being done has produced artistic photo ops. Nature is bigger and stronger than man, but those dozers keep at it.

  2. Agreed, Cindy. They may inspire moral commentary along an entire spectrum from admiration to dismay, but the images themselves are arresting and irresistible.

  3. Are these Brendon’s photos? Whoever has done them deserves lots of thanks. They really show the scope of Paul’s Slide issues and what a huge project it is. Not to mention showing us all artistic (if dreaded) beauty.

  4. Is work still proceeding? I thought all the equipment left. Probably a good idea to wait and see what this winter’s expected El Niño rains do to the still moving slope before trying to establish a new road bed.

  5. Pic 01: Given the apparent surficial failures at left, and the (so far?) unbuttressed cuts below and upper-center, not to mention the gradients, should we be worried?

  6. Pic 02. Given the apparent pattern of surficial failures and possibly dry-raveling/rockfalls on the “natural” slope in the middle-background, are they building a free-standing embankment ramp above natural grade to “capture” future rockfalls and/or slope failures? The medium gray (secondary regrowth over older failure[s]?) slope above the surficial failure(s) appears undermined, thus possible subject to further failure (as well as the apparently undisturbed vegetation above that area). Do I see evidence of movement of the mass above the lower construction road?

  7. When I see huge slopes of a consistent gradient, I suspect unconsolidated material. I’m speaking of the natural slopes, but notice how the constructed slopes have the same characteristic. Pretty steep, though; is this due to large angular material?

  8. W Sounds like you could compile an interesting pictorial “workbook” for a course on road building!

  9. Dear Kate,

    Thanks for all the information on Paul’s Slide. My friend and I will be embarking in less than two weeks on our “bucket list” ride to experience the PCH from Eureka to Laguna Niguel. We would like your opinion on the Big Sur part of the ride. The current plan is to ride all the way down to the slide from the north, then turn around and go back to Carmel By The Sea, then detour to G16 and G14 through Carmel Valley, Jolon, and Paso Robles before reaching 46 and heading west back to the PCH, then north to the southern end of the slide, then back to San Simeon for the night. I guess we have two major questions: First, are these detour roads open and Second, is it worth all this effort to ride the PCH through Big Sur?

    Your local knowledge and experience would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Jim O’Dowd
    Franklin, TN

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