5 thoughts on “Bear on the South Coast

  1. Please do all you can to help this young bear stay out of trouble. Bear-resistant trash containers should be available from Waste Management (or whoever is your local trash service), keep dumpsters closed and locked, keep all food out of your cars and the windows up/doors locked. And please, if you’re storing food outside, store in bear-proof containers. It’s our lazy habits that put bears at risk and get them killed. Our California black bear (they come in a rainbow of colors) aren’t inherently dangerous and you’re not on the menu. They prefer nuts, berries, grasses and fish but are opportunistic and will take advantage of easier meals if we’re careless. Go to savebears.org for more tips on how to coexist 🙂

  2. what a gorgeous animal ! I’m sure they’re a PITA to live with ( smart and strong ! ), but let’s all remember we moved into THEIR neighborhood, eh ? WE are the invaders…

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