6 thoughts on “Aerial Photos of Paul’s Slide, and one from me

  1. Wayne, Caltrans engineers don’t share that info with me, the PIO, or probably anyone but other engineers until it is a given and with this slide, nothing is a given. They have had to pivot already a couple times.

  2. It looks like progress to me, but my understanding of the geology and physics is amateurish at best. As many have written, keeping a road open in that area is hardly a precise engineering exercise. I only hope that something useful for some years can be accomplished for the local residents. Us tourists can wait.

  3. Put a mule pack train trail way above it so when it slides folks can get to the other side.

  4. Looks like a road for the locals! I like you’re thinking Bill Stoops, would you please join the Board of Cal Trans so they can consider the locals???

  5. I wonder if there’s a future plan to go up and above the slide and away from the ocean and current road… would that even be feasible?

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