Paul’s Slide and Mud Creek Aerial photos, 10/28/23

Paul’s Slide

Mud Creek — emptying out the catchments

I included the Mud Creek photos as I heard a rumor (not from an official source) that they might be considering a similar thing at Paul’s Slide to protect the eventual roadway from subsequent slides. It certainly appears to be one possible solution to the problems at Paul’s Slide, but I am not an engineer nor road warrior, only a reporter, so take it with a grain of salt unless confirmed at some point.

3 thoughts on “Paul’s Slide and Mud Creek Aerial photos, 10/28/23

  1. I may do so in vain, but I hope I am getting the wrong impression. No wonder gas tax is so high and they want to tax us for each mile we drive . . .

    Thanks for posting the pix!

    If I ever drive up 1 again, I will carry a bagful of rabbit’s feet (poor rabbits).

  2. I’m waiting for this next rainy season. El Niño may just put all that hard work into the ocean…

  3. I would expect them to construct a “one-sided bridge” as they have done in other areas, supported by piers, unless the bedrock is just too far down.

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