Photo Week, Sat 11/14

Submissions for this week’s photos are now closed. I have filled tomorrow with the last of the photos I have received. I enjoyed this so much, and based on the feedback I have gotten, so have others, so I will do this again in the future as the weather and road conditions allow.

Gibson Beach by Rechs Ann Pederson
Lights on PCH by Mark Ogden
Looking South by Mark Sullivan
Strange Clouds by Sula NIchols
Smile by Fran Wolf

After the Fires…

My latest writing for Voices is in the week’s issue, which is jam packed full of interesting articles.

East Side by Rock Knocker

The fires that have shaped our lives this summer are over. The rains finally came, and they were gentle, but our worries are not over. Just like after the Soberanes Fire in 2016, the lives of Big Sur residents will now be dictated by the burn scars, debris flows and road closures which come after a wildfire. This is just the first winter. We will have to be vigilant for several years before there is recovery.

This was on many minds as I started my inquiries of the U.S. Forest Service and Monterey County Public Works Department this past week. There is a strong likelihood that Big Sur will be divided into islands for a time — how many islands and for how long is anyone’s guess.

Filming at Bixby Bridge

Notification of Upcoming Film Activity – Big Sur Area
Date: November 12, 2020
To: Big Sur Residents and Businesses
From: Collar & Leash Ltd.
Re: Film Production Activity on Highway 1 in the Big Sur Area Scheduled for 1 day during 11/16-11/18 (weather dependent)
In an effort to better communicate with Big Sur residents and business owners regarding upcoming film activities in the area, this is to notify you of a permitted film shoot to take place on 1 day during 11/16, 11/17, 11/18 between the hours of 6:00am – 5:30pm (weather dependent). Our work will require intermittent traffic control (ITC) at and near Bixby Bridge and Hwy. 1 [Mile Markers MON 62.0-MON 58.3]. As per our permit, a portion of parking at the Bixby Bridge turnout will also be used.
We will be hiring California Highway Patrol officers to facilitate the ITC and to ensure public safety and access with only brief traffic holds. Most of our trucks and equipment will be stationed a few miles away on private property.
We have taken all necessary steps to ensure that the required permits have been obtained and will comply with restrictions necessary for a safe and efficient shoot.
The production company would like to show its appreciation to the community with a donation to State Parks & Mid-Coast Fire Brigade.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. I hope this advance notice is helpful for you to plan your day.
Sincerely yours,
Justin Hill
Location Manager
Collar & Leash, Ltd. 310-874-8689

Photo Week, Weds 11/11

First, Happy Veterans Day. I will post my usual photo for that this afternoon.

After Dolan, a dangerous tree, Santa Lucia Cabins by Stacy Grant
Pacific Valley School Students, 1959 or 1960 by Jane Hirsch
McWay Falls by Robert Ward
South Coast Sunset by Jean LeBlanc
Belly of the Bridge by Sally Ann Smith

Photo Week, Tues 11/10

Again, in the order received:

Carmel Beach by Kathy Bang
From Above Garrappata Beach by Vicki Bamman
South Coast Sunrise by Fran Heller
Thanksgiving Day 2019 by Dana Logan
Big Sur Mushroom by Lynn Thomas
Big Sur Coastal Buckwheat by Chuck Meier

If you want your photograph published on my blog, just sent it to me tonight at Doesn’t have to be of Big Sur, just uplifting, and preferably of nature.

Photo Week, Mon, 11/9

Photos shown in the order received.

Andrew Molera at low tide by Nadine Clark
Bixby Bridge from Glen Devon by Michael Wellborn
San Simeon Bay by Mark Ray
Sunset from the Hermitage by Michael McNamara

It will only let me uipload and save 4 at a time, for some reason, so the rest of the photos (or at least another 4) will be posted tomorrow.

Photo Week

I would like to do something different for a change as we rotate out of our “fire season” into our “road closure season.” We are entering that shoulder in between the two. I am only going to post really relevant and timely announcements that can’t wait this next week, but starting Monday, I would like to post photos by others (only 1 per person, please) as many as I can for the entire week. Send me one of your best, and I will do my very best to publish. Send to my email address: (time I got a bigsurkate specific email, right?) Looking forward to what I receive and hope you are, too. Oh, and it goes without saying, it must be one you took that I have permission to publish with your name.