Fire Updates, 7/10/17


BTW, FRA is federal responsibility area and SRA is state area responsibility.

8:00 am –

Whittier – 10,823 acres and 10% containment (Lake Cachuma)

Alamo – 29,000 acres and 15% containment (E. of Santa Maria)

Stone -340 acres and 40% containment (Santa Margarita)

Parkfield -1816 acres and 80% containment (San Miguel) Unless there is a significant development, this will be the last report on this fire.

Garza – 5000 acres and 5% containment (Fresno/SLO/MoCo border)

Fire Updates, 7/9/17

9 pm update:

Alamo: Update : 23,876 acres – 15% contained

Whittier: as of 11 this am – The fire is 7,800 acres

Parkfield: Update : 1,816 acres – 60% contained. Forward spread stopped.

Stone: Update, 340ac, forward progress stopped. Structures lost.

Garza: Update 2000 acres

7:00 am updates:

Parkfield:  as of around midnight last night, this one is 1500 acres and 30% contained.

Alamo: as of 6 am this one is up to 23,867 with 10% containment and heading west and south toward the 101 and Santa Maria. Here is a fire map:


Whittier Fire:  is 7800 acres and has crested Santa Ynez mountain and visible from Goleta now. This was 11 pm last night and from Goleta: