Fire Updates, 7/10/17


BTW, FRA is federal responsibility area and SRA is state area responsibility.

8:00 am –

Whittier – 10,823 acres and 10% containment (Lake Cachuma)

Alamo – 29,000 acres and 15% containment (E. of Santa Maria)

Stone -340 acres and 40% containment (Santa Margarita)

Parkfield -1816 acres and 80% containment (San Miguel) Unless there is a significant development, this will be the last report on this fire.

Garza – 5000 acres and 5% containment (Fresno/SLO/MoCo border)

2 thoughts on “Fire Updates, 7/10/17

  1. Thanks for diligently doing the hard work and keeping me updated. Lots of sometimes “hidden” information out there and finding it adds to the already stressful subject. Breaks are definitely needed. While fires do not follow schedules, be sure to make your own time to recharge… even if it’s just going outside and looking at your beautiful view. Let Big Sur do what she does best – what ever words you choose to describe that special thing she does to people… that feeling of…yes, that thing.
    Take care and thanks again.

  2. Kate,

    Wall Fire, Butte County now declared a State of Emergency by Gov. Brown.

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