Watch Nacimiento Rd. Crumble

Last week, I sat at the turn out on the west side of the tiny bridge while a caravan of 16 tractor trailer rigs crossed the bridge. I noted that all 16 of them had their entire weight on the bridge at one time. I have photos. This is what it is doing to the road itself. Believe it or not, these 13 are just SOME of the problem areas. Going to be a lot of work to fix this.


I am grouping them into batches of 4 for your convenience. They are rather boring, but must be shown and preserved so that when this road says “no more” I have documentation I have been talking about this for MONTHS. And making suggestions on how to lessen the impact, but people are getting impatient, businesses want to bring in their big bucks and to be semi-normal, and tourists are clamoring to come in, so this “life-line” is just a minor detail that apparently will be addressed eventually, but seeing how things get done around here, won’t be addressed until it is beyond critical.


These were all taken on Friday, July 14th, 2017. Note in particular in the two smaller ones above, the pavement is completely gone in spots.