Soberanes Fire, One year later

For many of us, this date will hit us hard, some will cry, some will silently remember whether they want to or not. None of us will forget where we were and what we were doing. Many, many people sent me photographs this day, some are posted on my first blog post here and then I did a second post when the evacuation of Palo Colorado was ordered that evening with even more photographs. It is here.

From that moment on, this fire took over our lives for months, and is still affecting us today, a year later. Take a moment in your day today to think about this land we love and what she has had to endure this last year and do a ceremony or ritual or simple prayer for her healing. She is in even more need now than she was then. Keep her in your thoughts today and every day. Don’t let her be overrun. NOTHING is more important than the land that brought us all here – locals and visitors alike.


That square spot is a house. Photo by Kodiak Greenwood, sent to me by Lisa Kleissner.

Unless there is another Mud Creek or Soberanes today, I am taking it off to be quiet and reflect and honor Big Sur.