Soberanes Fire Blew up


From Post Ridge by Brian Palafox



From Rolf Ridge,  taken near sunset, it appears. Trying to pin down the from and toward details. Look at those FLAMES!! Geez they must be huge! Taken from Sky Ranch between Carmel Valley and Cachaqua.


From Martha Diehl at Joshua Canyon just now, at 9:30. She is packing. Dani DeSola has evacuated.


From a kCV Ridge, by Jane Goldcamp:



Confirmed, currently 100o acres.

Here are a few from Palo Colorado by Oliver Bates:

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Here is the view from Carmel by Keith Vandervere:


About 8:30 this evening, I looked outside and was shocked to see a large plume for the first time all day. It kept getting bigger and bigger. Below is the photo I shot at 8:45. I have another coming from a reader from the other side I will post as soon as I can. Remember, I am about 5o miles south. 10 minutes after I took this, it is much bigger.


24 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire Blew up

  1. At 6:50 I heard Calfire Air attack report 3.000 – 4,000 acres headed toward Palo Colorado and getting bigger.

  2. Official word is 1000 acres at 8:30, at least that is what the media is being told. I did witness the blow up, as did people in Salinas, Carmel Valley, and me, 50 miles south.

  3. Well, this is a shame. A possible worse case scenario for many in the path. Folks in ‘The Preserve’ and property owner in Palo Colorado need to form a plan for potential negative outcomes.

  4. Smart Kate, some of those properties are too hard to defend. I was on Garrapata road yesterday Glen Devin ranch and the area is just so dry. Pray for winds to calm.

  5. The photo from Sky Ranch is more plumes of smoke glowing red and pink from the fire and the sunset than actual flames. After dark now still orange and red, but no flames from here (yet). Lightish NW wind / flow holding steady.

  6. is palo Colorado road open? My brother live on top and I my other brother want to help him get down with his things?

  7. Just heard from friends in Palo, this is Mandatory Evacuation. Highway 1 open per my phone call to CHP for northbound traffic, of employees leaving Big Sur tonight. Oh ‘ Brother too soon in the fire season to be doing this. Time for us to pull together as a community…………..

  8. How far is this from pheiffer campground? I know a few groups of families camping there. Hope they are ok.

  9. My thoughts are with all of you. There is supposed to be some high wind there today…I hope they are wrong. Damn….this looks so bad! Thanks, as usual, for your reporting, BigSurKate. SO many folks up Palo! And animals….

  10. seemed like enormous fire activity last night around 9-10pm, visible pink yellow black along ridge top, from Carmel. No computer til this morning, figured it was Garapatta. Helicopters rising and landing in Carmel Valley airport sorties all day long yesterday, but no sign or sound of them this morning. Horrific about Palo, what’s the acre estimate, is it still the 4,000 mentioned above? It hardly seems possible. I’m so sorry for the people and homes in that extraordinary place. Fire truck bays emptied last night from Carmel Valley station. Skies in CV Village are clear, no falling ash, no sign from here. Not a thing on the news except fires fought north of LA. Thanks as always Kate for the updates, stay safe.

  11. The 4K was never accurate. Latest is 2K, officially, but the map the XT and Michael Jones posted seem much bigger than that.


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