Wildfire – Soberanes Fire

Cal Fire Aerial:


Photos from Cate Goblirsch Lee. Top one is at 5 pm, can see the fire eating through the retardant. Second is from 7:30 pm, it has cross the containment lines. Oh, dear.


7:50 pm – Taken by Jane Goldcamp from the mouth of her Carmel Valley Ridge:


Last report I read was 250 acres, but I’m still trying to catch up from taking an hour and 1/2 off to take care of dogs, dinner, and evening chores. Sigh. Now it is catch up.

Taken at 6 pm by Dani DeSola up on or near the Kleissner’s near the Soberanes Fire


Taken this afternoon by Mike Morales:


Reportedly C-130,  and or T-910 (a VLAT) are on their way. C-130 just passed over Paso Robles (I have a spotter out there. Thanks, Ray!)

4:00 pm – Soberanes reportedly up to 187 acres.

Taken earlier today by John Galt:

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3:30 pm – Photo by Martha Diehl from lower Long Ridge. Another local reports staging out of CV.


Photo by Jane Ashley Skinner, taken about 2:30 from CHS:


3:00 pm – current view from Carmel, photo by Keith Vanderveer. Looks like a new head or column forming to both of us:


2:00 pm – photo by Cal Fire:


Also from Butch just moments ago:

“Dozer is walking up a ranch road at the north end of the Doud property across from the crab lab. 70 acres and growing fast. Im taking Fire Captain Jonathon Pangburn up your road to the top so he can get familiar with the lay of the land and deploy air support from there.”

At 1:27 pm from Rio RD. From Butch Kronland:


1:40 pm – wind blowing the column over, photo from Carmel by Keith Vanderveer:


1:30 pm – photo from Summit in Santa Cruz (photo by Cassidy, unsure which one)


1:25 pm – up to 75 acres. The last one from the news was obviously not up-to-date.

1:15 pm – up to 10 acres, no containment.

Fire from Carmel, photo by Keith Vanderveer, with permission. Grabbed from Twitter.


12:56 pm – new orders: “S/T-9461 Charlie in route, code 3, to the fire. 4677, 4675, 4685, 4665 and 4676” Code 3 is lights and sirens. Also just heard on the scanner, the S/T 9394 Golf has been dispatched Code 3. Also heard H106 had mechanical difficulties and was headed to CV Airport. Told dispatch the temp was rising too rapidly to make Monterey Airport. Lastly, high wind advisory for this afternoon and tomorrow.

Mike Morales, my back-up admin, is a retired Cal-Fire Capt. He says:

“I watched the fireground activity for almost two hours. This smallish fire is fairly inaccessible. Fixed wing tankers are working but it looks like the fire is deeper in the canyon so they can’t lay down lines right on the fire. The helicopters are an invaluable resource on this incident.”

Sky Crane sucking up water. Photo by Mike Morales:


11:45 am – drive by photos by Martha Diehl. Thanks for these, Martha!

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10:30 am – can see dark smoke on top of the fog layer at the coastline north, so it is still burning, just haven’t been able to get an update on acres, yet.

10:00 am – just heard SLO advise that Tankers 75 and 100 are committed to a fire in BEU Also, AA460, H406, and H106 assigned.

It is on the inland side, north of creek at top of trail, 6 acres with potential for 50.

UPDATE 9:50, a person in the area reports this as being at the top of Soberanes Hiking Trail.

From CHP:
Detail Information
9:15 AM 2 [7] 1039 27-12 FROM OFC IN ABUUT 15 MIN
Unit Information
9:16 AM 3 Unit Assigned
9:16 AM 2 Unit Enroute
9:23 AM 1 Unit At Scene

From WildCAD:

09:03 LPF-2427
SABERANES Wildfire Garrapata State Park . . . . . 36.457 x 121.924 (Ed.  Note: as we all know, this is spelled incorrectly.)

7 thoughts on “Wildfire – Soberanes Fire

  1. Hi There, Eduardo from the top of Clear Ridge. Very smokey here. How do you upload pictures?

  2. Up until ten thirty or so last night, yellow pink clouds billowing over the hilltops, which seemed to be diminishing, hard to tell.
    One fire truck left in the Carmel Valley station around 8, other bays empty. From mid afternoon, helicopters circling the CV airport, landing and taking off, seemed to be two making regular sorties. Ropes hanging below. ? Figured it was connected to your Garrapatta alert earlier in the morning.
    Horrific to see this and all our fire memories brought to life, hope they’re getting it out, the brave and the good who surround us. Stay safe, Kate.

  3. Thank you so so so so much for keeping his up to date and accurate. We live in the mal paso neighborhood. Your blog is my lifeline right now. Thank you.

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