Two Fires in SLO Co.

The first is just north of the “Y” of 41 and 46 ….B3422, AA340, Tankers, Helo, Engs. 52, 3484,4686, 3472, 3469, 3470, 4684, WT50, D3442 an 3440, Questa crews 3 & 5 are all responding.

The second is on Pozo, just off of 58. I don’t have the responses, but it was as heavy as the first one.

Hopefully, both of these will be kept small and stopped fast.

Highway One Closure Update, 7/31/17

Not really any changes. It still stands the Mud Creek is still closed with no anticipated date of opening; Paul’s Slide is still under 24/7 reverse traffic control; and the bridge is getting its girders – 15 total, 62 feet long, and 62 tons each. I think 3 were delivered last week.

Here are the CT photos:

20170727_140009 - Copy

20170728_075028 - Copy