Two Fires in SLO Co.

The first is just north of the “Y” of 41 and 46 ….B3422, AA340, Tankers, Helo, Engs. 52, 3484,4686, 3472, 3469, 3470, 4684, WT50, D3442 an 3440, Questa crews 3 & 5 are all responding.

The second is on Pozo, just off of 58. I don’t have the responses, but it was as heavy as the first one.

Hopefully, both of these will be kept small and stopped fast.

~ by bigsurkate on July 31, 2017.

2 Responses to “Two Fires in SLO Co.”

  1. Hello Coastal Souls,

    Just heads up literally for dry high based convection or dry lightning Wednesday afternoon!! It looks like wrap around thunderstorms from four corner high will make it bit further west than last few rounds that missed us for the most part. With very high dry fuel index levels and thick short shrubby growth where Soberanes fire burned could spread fire rather quickly! I have heard accounts of locals catching them right when lightning sparks are about to ignite and preventing fire from spreading! Who knows if you might be the one to stop a fire with a few shovels of dirt!!

    Kind regards, paul h


  2. Thanks, Paul. Today, a fire started from a tire blow up at 41/46. Things are that dry.

    In my neighborhood it mostly wilderness, and very little WUI so locals statistically unlikely to catch it.


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