(Sorry for the dirty windshield, but given where and how I live, this is a regular occurrence.)

Recently, Xasauan Today posted about a day with the Ventana Wilderness Alliance cleaning up the Arroyo Seco. In it he discusses campfires.


“Former Forest Service Ranger, now Ventana Wilderness Alliance Volunteer Wilderness Ranger, Steve Benoit, dismantles a fire ring. It’s hard to imagine why anyone would want a campfire in the middle of the day when it’s more than 100 degrees out, but we found people in the act of laying a fire in this ring and, in another location, an active campfire. For some people, apparently, no outdoor adventure is complete without a fire.

Steve, and his fellow VWA Volunteer Rangers are amazingly patient and effective when it comes to explaining the reasons why fires aren’t allowed to clueless visitors, but there are only so many people they can reach. Given the scope of the problem, they are, literally, voices crying in the wilderness.”

Saturday night, one of my neighbors reported to me that she saw TWO campfires after dark on the ridge. It was hot on the ridge Saturday night, so the only possible reason is the one XT postulates above…outdoor adventure. We, the locals and volunteers, are so far outnumbered by the tourists, that reaching more than a tiny fraction ourselves is unlikely.

As a result of the above, another one of my neighbors wrote to KSBW and KSBY asking that given the recent anniversary of the Soberanes Fire, would they consider doing a story on the banning of campfires in the Los Padres National Forest. I will write a few of my media contacts to see if they would be interested, as well.

This is Chelsea Belle Davey’s contribution, and I love it! It is something we ALL could do (except the few people who wash their vehicles regularly.)


We have been lucky, so far, and I am praying our luck continues until the rains begin.


8 thoughts on “NO CAMPFIRES

  1. Yahoo………..Thank you ALL for getting the word out yet again. I have found that its not something a lot of News people care to report on, also have found its what of a lot of the community doesn’t want to talk about either. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!

  2. It might help if local stores that sell boxes of wood had uniform, “official” signs they could post on the shelf about no campfires.

  3. Kate,

    OT- Flightradar24 link is a white knuckle aircraft radar app; I swear I have seen a few instances where 2 planes run over/ on top of each other…I wish it had an algorithm that showed active fires and the traffic surrounding it in real time.

    It’s pretty hard to imagine planes getting lost with this asset around for search & rescue, other teams, smoke jumpers, etc..

  4. Good Grief!!! Amazing!!! Could there possibly be a way of having “NO CAMPFIRES” posted (like every 10 ft.) in several languages along the highway?? Sort of like the “Thank You” ones done for forefoghters.

  5. Andrew, there is a real time flight tracker app that will show you the paths of the planes around and over any fire, and I think it is called flight tracker. I believe I put a link to it on my blog, but can’t remember.

  6. Insanity that individuals don’t want to vehemently ban fires !! ” Common sense is not so common ” B. Franklin.
    Battling on the Prevention Side of Fire Education is critical. Only someone profiteering from the fire ( overtime ) wouldn’t actively vocalize to prevent another fire.

  7. You’re Either Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem, there is no inbetween.

  8. Kate,

    Red sky in morning… know the rest of the saying, interesting look at sunrise…hot & stuffy..

    Yesterday, I had another neighbor oak tree fall (very loud) covered the entire road- called local FD- I guess they in turn notified a local public works team to cut it up and move the rest out of the way. They finished up the job & took photos in < 90 mins.

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