Cal Trans releases Mud Creek plan

BIG SUR, Calif. — Caltrans released its strategy to expedite the rebuilding and reopening of Highway 1 at the massive Mud Creek landslide, south of Big Sur.

A new road will traverse over the landslide, Caltrans announced Tuesday afternoon. “The new roadway will be realigned across the landslide and will be buttressed with a series of embankments, berms, rocks, netting, culverts and other stabilizing material,” Caltrans said.

Caltrans did not say when the construction project is expected to be complete.

“This plan is a win-win for the hard-hit Big Sur community and this pristine coastal environment,” Caltrans District 5 Director Tim Gubbins said. “Our emergency contractor continues working dawn to dusk every day.”

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3 thoughts on “Cal Trans releases Mud Creek plan

  1. Why not an update of the Golden Gate Bridge with a middle tower out to sea? Much more feasible and less complex, no “embankments, berms, rocks, netting, culverts and other stabilizing material”, less likely to fall into the Pacific as well as a phenomenal tourist attraction.

  2. what a pleasure to hear of the occasional simple and effective path forward from Gov’t! so often they do million dollar solutions to thousand dollar problems. well, wish them smooth and swift completion…. though geez, the closed road has felt like it’s been a bigger blessing than hassle..

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