Big Creek Reserve Open House

Open House, May 10, 2014

UC Santa Cruz and the UC Natural Reserve System invite you to the Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve

Saturday, May 10, 2014 9am-4pm

Open House is the only day of the year that the Reserve is open to the general public. You are welcome to visit, learn what we are all about, meet the staff and tour the Reserve. We’ll have folks at the main entrance who can share their experience and knowledge with you about lots of topics. Bring hiking shoes and a sack lunch. Driving tours will not be available this year. Parking is limited to the pullout just south of the reserve gates. Park on the highway pullout and walk down to the gatehouse from there. Watch for signs out on the highway. Please carpool if possible. Click here for driving directions.

We are currently looking for volunteers to help get the trails ready or even on the day of the open house itself. Read about our Volunteer Stewardship Program for more info.

For more information, call or email
the reserve director, Mark Readdie.
(831) 667-2543

Hello, My Name is Feynner …

I was reading through the online version of the Monterey County Weekly, when I came across a story about one of our own, down here on the South Coast – Feynner Arias. Feynner is the steward at Big Creek Reserve, having come here from the jungles of Costa Rica.

I’ve known Feynner for a long time – since he came to Big Creek, I think, and know lots of stories. My most vivid memory is from the Plaskett II Fire of 2000. Feynner was the second person to arrive at my place, right behind Steven Gay. Feynner was driving the South Coast BSVFB truck — a very welcome sight.

The Monterey County Weekly describes some of the stories Feynner tells in his authobiography, and the article can be found here: Feynner article

His book, “Hello, I am Feynner: Growing up in the Rain Forests of Costa Rica” is available at Nepenthe’s Phoenix Shop and Visit

I can’t wait to read it, and for its sequel. You go, Feynner!!