Rain is coming

From Weather West, aka, Daniel Swain: “The good news: significant, perhaps even fire “season ending” rains possible across much of Northern California by late next week. The bad news: some models suggesting heavy rainfall capable of causing significant post-fire flood/debris flow concerns near #CampFire.” Looks like Big Sur is in the 2 to 3” area. So, is this significant enough to close the gates on Mud Creek and Paul’s Slide? I guess we will see 48 hours out.


Fire Safety

On the morning of September 18th, an unattended, still smoldering campfire was found in a meadow in Sycamore Canyon. Due to the efforts of local residents and members of the Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade, the incident did not cause a wildfire and became, instead, a simple reminder that we must all be extra vigilant during these last dry months before the rains dampen the extreme fire danger we face. We have a very hot, dry week ahead of us, so let us be exceedingly cautious. The months of September and October have seen many wildfires over the years. Living in the wildland as we do carries responsibilities for all of us.