Closure Update, 1/24/12

8:00 am – I have not received any information yet this morning, but was informed by Colin Jones, PIO for Cal-Trans, District 5, last night that the geologists and climbing crew would be on-site today, climbing to the top to check out the conditions up there and making an assessment re: safety and clean-up. Considering what that entails, I do not anticipate any significant up-date until that is completed, sometime late this afternoon. As soon as I get word, I will post here, and to FB, for those who prefer social media. Also note that on the links to the right, under La Niña, 2011-2012, I have added the District 5 FB page, so you can follow them, if you choose, also.

For those of you needing to get through or to the area, and not familiar with the detours, I suggest 101 to 68 and across to Highway One, where you can either go north to Santa Cruz, or south to Big Sur. Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. is a narrow, winding road, not recommended for those in RVs or for the faint-of-heart.